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Hello everyone new and old, so here's some new stuff for y'all. First of all, new server! We now are a Survival server instead of OP Factions, as of right now we are in beta mode and will be releasing soon! For now come test out our server at Secondly, Soon to come is an updated hub, more servers, and minigames. As of right now, I will be accepting staff members! All staff (except ServerRack and Hughjass123) have been cleared. If you wish to still become you can apply on our new area! It's now a type forum and much easier to use! The Apply for staff area will be moved to that link soon!

* Edit, The Link to apply is now,

Long time no news post. I thought you might like to read on some updates:

Minecraft Server Updates

All servers have been updated to work on all Minecraft clients. The Towny server just recently, we had to change a lot of the plugins to get it running for all clients.
For the future: Depending on the size of upcoming Minecraft updates, it can take us between a few days and several weeks to update. Bugfix updates usually happen really fast. We often run partial updates: While the towny server needs a lot of testing for new versions.

Discord & TeamSpeak

But wait! There is more! Discord!
As you might have already heard, we now have a Discord server! This is meant to replace our old TeamSpeak server for (voice-) chat. While Teamspeak was fun while it lasted, Discord is free (of course), much more modern and easier to use. You can use it straight from your browser, or install a desktop / mobile client.
We also did some magic, and connected to the general chat-channels on Discord! That means, you can chat with people on the server, even when you’re not logged in to Minecraft or also on your mobile.
Click here to connect to Discord

Edit: The old Teamspeak server has been shut down.

Staff Team

Even more? Yup. Changes in the staff team:
Some of our inactive staff were asked to leave the staff-team to make room for new members. That’s why staff-applications for the position of moderator are currently opened. You may apply here.

If you have questions and/or feedback please let me know on the forum.

Best Regards,
Hughjass123 – Devon

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